<b>What is ZUBISU?</b>

What is ZUBISU?

ZUBISU is a designer brand founded in New York, best known for its eye-catching creativity and iconic rabbit character. ZUBISU effectively blends street and popular culture into edgy, colorful fashion and accessories designs.

Launched in 2015, ZUBISU promotes an optimistic, bold lifestyle. Let's be good, do good and make cool stuff together. Always innovating, ZUBISU is at the forefront of fashion. Let's play and have some fun!

ZUBISU is also the name of the playful rabbit character. It is mischievous, but friendly, likeable and often accidentally gets into trouble. ZUBISU gets it's name from the word Zoo, where people and animals happily live together in chaos.

Loved by design enthusiasts around the world, ZUBISU is destined to make your life a little happier.