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Partner with us

ZUBISU - represented by Toobydoo LLC in the USA and Toobydoo Asia Ltd in Asia - manages the worldwide copyrights and trademarks of ZUBISU and it's Rabbit, Panda and other characters.

ZUBISU is closely involved in the development and design of all branded merchandise. We closely monitor and approve character development and product design to create one distinctive brand. This way we ensure products that are 'unmistakeably ZUBISU', creating a look that is strong and ownable. The identity feels 'pop & street', familiar, timeless, expressive and inspirational, with the potential to evolve over time.

The ZUBISU assets can be separated in ZUBISU Product and ZUBISU Media. Product involves product design and manufacturing, while Media focuses on media related products such as animations, TV productions and games.
<b>Licensing Contacts<b></b></b>

Licensing Contacts

If you have any questions with regard to ZUBISU product development and licensing opportunities, please contact us in the following countries.

353 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone +1-917-685-8553
Email licensing@zubisu.com

Suite 211, Bldg. 1,
No. 169 Mengzi Road,
Huang Pu District, Shanghai,
China (200023)

Phone +86-(0)21-6446-9069
Email info@mianye.hk